Werner J. Egli
TUNNEL KIDS (Englischsprachige Ausgabe)

208 Seiten, € 14,90 [D], € 15,40 [A]
ISBN 978-3-03864-408-8 (young adults and adults)

ISBN 978-3-03864-220-6 (Ebook)


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If you live in a floodwater tunnel beneath the busy streets of Nogales, you don’t have much of a life. Your only chance is to get to the end of the tunnel – on the other side of the border.
In the mid-1990’s, Santiago Molina, a Tzotzil boy from Chiapas, sets out through Mexico to the two cities of Nogales separated by the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona and Sonora. Leaving his childhood behind, the road he follows turns into a nightmare, leading him to the tunnels that harbor kids like Santiago, most of them without a future – but still with a dream.


„This classic style novel is an outstanding example of the new blend of fact and fiction. It was picked by our bi-lingual teenage reader as the best YA-novel he had ever read in either German or English.” 
-  London Book Fair


"Books like Tunnel Kids are especially  important right now as immigration to  the United States is becoming more of a flash point in political discourse and politics. Stories like this remind uns that most of the immigrants comming zo the US are seeking safety and a better life, not a free ride."

- Heidi Komlofske-Rojek, San Francisco Book Review.